Experienced Trainers

If you are ready to realize your real estate investing goals, our qualified trainers are standing by to show you how.

Your financial independence is a goal we both share and is what drives our entire program. We find great satisfaction in guiding and training our students as they seek to build a successful business in real estate investing. Having a trainer and mentor is not a new concept. Business owners and executives have collaborated with personal coaches for as long as the business world has existed, and it’s time you had the same opportunity!


Mentoring Strategies

Behind each of our great coaches and mentors stands a solid strategy for advancing your business goals. Below you will find just a small sample of the strategies we teach and each of these strategies can be customized to fit your investing style, time constraints, prior knowledge, and skillset. We truly strive to create a learning environment that is adaptable to each of our students’ needs while still maintaining a solid foundation rooted in proven investment tactics.


Finding Deals:

  • Local marketing
  • Using a custom website to bring sellers to you
  • Know exactly which online databases to access and which to avoid
  • Learn how to be notified of properties with the most potential


Flipping Properties:

  • Identifying the types of financing available to you
  • Exploring government sponsored assistance programs
  • Knowing which financing option is best in each circumstance
  • How to develop marketing skills that give you more funding options
  • Understanding the many ways to make money for your properties
  • Understanding economic indicators and agencies
  • Preparing a financial statement
  • Mastering the elements of getting a loan
  • Finding investors
  • How to structure financing


Flipping Properties:

  • How to lock in profit when you buy
  • Knowing exactly how much you can put in
  • Doing your due diligence
  • Finding a buyer
  • Identifying the areas that generate the highest returns
  • Avoiding under improving
  • Avoiding over improving
  • Avoiding the wrong improvements
  • Not allowing appraisal contingencies


Rehabbing Properties:

  • A hands-on approach to rehabbing
  • An in-depth tour of a home improvement store
  • A careful look at actual products that can maximize your profits
  • The must haves and must avoids
  • The essentials to maximizing your returns
  • Understand the terminology used
  • How to assess your local market
  • Evaluating properties
  • Estimating your costs to determine profit margins
  • Finding the necessary capital
  • Qualifying contractors
  • Managing risks associated with rehabbing
  • Selling or renting your property