Our coach did a fantastic job of keeping us focused on the process and then reinforced the need to trust it. I feel like my coach was a huge contributor in our success because of this. He also had some great input regarding our tenant and their inability to leave as quickly as we needed them to so we could begin our rehab activities. His experience was a great asset in our investment.
-Robin and Eric


MY COACH WAS AMAZING! She walked me thru each and every step helping me to understand and protect myself as this deal took off... I did not use a realtor, but handled with FSBO and myself via title... it started as my own flip, then I found a wholesale buyer and sold the deal. It closes and I get paid. I did a great deal of work as if I was doing this deal all the way until the very end and decided to wholesale as I am moving in a few months and felt it was best. Personal reasons. I could not have done this without her and the team I put together here! She has helped me with so much more than just this deal! She is very knowledgeable, compassionate, explains things well and researches right along with me... she always has time for me and looks at everything I give her.
- Dena

My coach spent many weeks with me going over how to assess the value of homes, what to look for and how to make the offer. She went over the numbers with me on the home I purchased to make sure the deal looked good prior to my offer. Her help has been invaluable over the last few months.


Encouraging during process. Specific info re: marketing to potential tenants. Resources to check for wording on advertising. Reviewing costs and making recommendations.


She encouraged us to keep working focus on what was going right instead of negative things. We were told not to forget about our education. That we had to balance rehab education and search for other properties at the same time. She really made us feel that she believed in us telling us she was proud of us for everything we had done.


By giving me advice on the best routes to take with the contractor and the repairs. Answering any and all my questions and concerns as the deal developed, and providing web sites of related issues.


Our coach was very informative throughout the entire process regarding the hard money lender to the closing. I wish I could bottle her knowledge up and use it whenever I need it. I will continue to seek great deals and reach out to her for future advice.